The Block

Pianist Alessio Bax performs solo program at The Block

Muskegon, Michigan, January 4, 2018 –Audiophile Audition hailed his “imagination and technical prowess.” Gramophone placed him “among the most remarkable young pianists.”  The New Yorker declared him “the most elegant of today’s pianists.” Wherever he performs, Alessio Bax evokes superlative praise. The dashing Italian returns to Muskegon in early February—just days after his exciting Boston […]

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West Michigan Symphony wind players present fascinating and varied music

Muskegon, Michigan, October 8, 2018 – The oldest known musical instruments are bone flutes made 43,000 years ago. Today, with instruments running the gamut of those that are plucked, scraped, or struck, wind instruments still retain many of the same characteristics as their ancestors. But the level of skill and musicality has evolved greatly, as […]

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WMS March Concerts to Feature Pianist Conrad Tao

Muskegon, Michigan, Feb. 9, 2016 – West Michigan Symphony’s March 4 Beethoven and Blue Jeans concert and its March 5 concert at The Block will feature guest pianist Conrad Tao. Friday, March 4, Tao joins the symphony for its popular Beethoven and Blue Jeans concert, which encourages the audience to join the orchestra in wearing […]

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