The Block


Andy Buelow, Executive Director
Rhonda Bogner, CFO
Kate McClure, Patron Services Manager
Keely Payne, Art Director/Marketing Manager
Gabe Slimko, VP Operations,
Karen Vander Zanden, Director of Education and Corporate Engagement

To reach The Block’s administrative offices call 231.726.3231 or email

Block Advisory Board

Emma Torresen Chair
Josh Silvis Secretary
Jason Olthoff Treasurer
Marquis Childers
April Jendrasiak
Don Kalisz
LaShelle Mikesell
Brian R. Leibrandt
Kenneth Robison
Kerri VanderHoff

Board of Directors

Paul R. Jackson President
Peter Kurdziel Secretary
Jan L. Deur Treasurer
Peter Brown Immediate Past President
Ryan W. Bryker
Susan Cloutier-Crain
Pat Donahue
Kevin Even
Kimberly L. Hammond, CFP, CIMA, C(k)P
Dr. Dale Nesbary
Michael Olthoff
Mary L. Price
Suzanne Richards
Thomas Schaub
Dr. Alan Steinman


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